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Come, O’ Lord and Heal Us

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As in the days of Jeremiah, so are our days. The saturation of false teachers is staggering and frightful. Jeremiah proclaims that the false prophets of his day preach out of their heart and not out of the mouth of the Lord (Jeremiah 23:16). Higher than the heavens is the distance between a man who speaks “from his heart” in contrast to a man of God who speaks “thus saith the Lord”. The man of God echoes the written Word.

The false teacher echoes his imaginations. The crafting of sermons can be evil if its crafting comes from “imagination proclamation” in contrast to Word proclamation. Imagination preaching differs in content, light, and impact (Jeremiah 23:27-29). The result of imagination proclamation is devastating. People forget God (23:27, 22).

A false teacher speaks comfort and security to those who walk out of their heart. Sincerity does not mean godliness nor does it mean righteous behavior. We can be sincerely wrong. The Word of the Lord is a true Light and Lamp to the feet of men. The result of false teaching is that men and women fail to turn from their evil behavior and speech (Jeremiah 23:17, 22).

Dead prophets cannot produce the life of Christ in the soul of men. Dead imaginations profit no one regardless of how “good” and “motivating” our feelings. Genuine proclamation will arrive to a wayward people in the form of brokenness and purging (Jeremiah 23:29). Brokenness and the burning away of dross is not pleasant but afterwards yields the fruit of His righteousness.

Do not throw away your healing. Don’t heal your wound slightly and leave the disease. If His left hand strikes us, His right hand will heal us. There is only One Savior and One Lord. You will know His Word because it will not appeal to your rebelliousness, sensuality, or greed. The Word of Christ echoes with a cross-type of love. Its object is the person and work of the Messiah. At its center, it will be theological. Its thanksgiving will be doxological. The Word in our heart will spring forth with His Word as our speech.

As in the days of Jeremiah, so are our days. Come, O Lord and heal us.

Frank Jones

Pastor, Exhorter, Cyclist

Frank Jones is presently pastor at Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Chesterfield, Virginia.


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