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the End of Torah

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When the crucified Jesus of Nazareth appeared to him exalted and enthroned at God’s right hand, Paul realized that he was the Messiah, the Lord and the Son of God — this, not only in the sense of the Davidic Messiah who was confessed by the Christians then as having been installed as God’s Son through his resurrection but more profoundly in the sense of the being who stood in an intimate relationship with God from the beginning, acted as his agent in creation and was sent forth by God into the world to redeem us from sin and the law. For the revelation of the crucified Jesus of Nazareth as enthroned at God’s right hand proved to Paul that through the cross he has superseded the Torah as the medium of the divine revelation and salvation and therefore that he is the one who had formerly been described as Wisdom. So, the Son of God who was revealed to Paul on the Damascus road is the content of his gospel (Gal 1.15f.; Rom 1.2ff.; 2Cor 1.19f.; 1Th 1.10; Acts 9.20)! (Kim, Seyoon. The Origin of Paul’s Gospel, 136.)

Frank Jones

Pastor, Exhorter, Cyclist

Frank Jones is presently pastor at Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Chesterfield, Virginia.


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